About Dave

Who am I?
I am a rather unusual independent mortgage broker. What sets me apart is the depth of my experience across the mortgage industry, my extensive writings on all things mortgage, and the breadth of my formal qualifications.

I decided to operate independently so that I can offer truly unbiased advice to my clients, and I thrive on providing one-on-one personal service and helping people in ways that they often find quite surprising. If you choose me as your mortgage provider, you can count on my personal commitment and involvement in the process from beginning to end (and beyond, with my Annual Mortgage Check-Ups that bring you up to speed on current market conditions).

Who are my clients?
Canadian residential mortgage borrowers who would like a mortgage pre-approval or who are purchasing a home, refinancing an existing mortgage, or evaluating a renewal offer from their existing lender.

My Background
I started in the mortgage business at a Big Five bank as a consultant and advisor to the mortgage division’s President and CEO. I then joined the executive team of a large lender the bank had acquired, before moving on to a smaller, more innovative lender as their VP of Sales and Marketing.

During my almost ten years as an employee, I designed a wide range of mortgage products, launched several industry-first initiatives that are still in wide use across the industry today, and managed the origination of more than $3 billion in residential mortgage loans.

Notwithstanding a strong corporate track record, I always wanted to be independent, so I moved to the brokering side of the mortgage business. I made the bet that my unique background and qualifications, combined with my passion for sharing knowledge and genuinely helping people, would be valued by Canadians looking for unbiased mortgage advice.

Formal Qualifications
Master of Business Administration (Ivey MBA), Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP), Professional Financial Planner Course (PFPC), Canadian Securities Course (CSC).

Why Me?

  • I will give you the same advice I would give my mom (to learn more about how I do business, check out my Core Values page).
  • Unlike employees working for lenders, my only objective is happy customers (my main source of referrals) and my income is not affected by my lenders’ profitability.
  • I know the mortgage business inside and out (literally) and I can simplify your mortgage options and explain the interest-rate market in a way that you can easily understand, even if you haven’t spent your life in the financial services industry.
  • I offer thoughtful and insightful advice that has made me one of the most widely published and quoted mortgage bloggers on the internet (check out my blog to see for yourself).
  • After your mortgage transaction is completed, I maintain ongoing contact through my Monday Morning Interest Rate Updates and my Annual Mortgage Check-Ups, which ensure that your customized mortgage solution stays optimized.

When I’m Not Working I Am:

  • A father to a pair of energetic and outgoing 13-year old twin boys.
  • A year-round runner who enjoys races ranging from 10ks to full marathons (with some trail races mixed in!)
  • A volunteer hockey coach and community ice-rink builder.
  • A lover of documentaries, a student of economics, an outdoorsman, and a do-it-yourself home renovator.

If you’re ready to get started you can call me at 416 304 0100 (ask for Dave), email me, or apply online. Whether you need a mortgage now or just want some advice for the future, I would be happy to speak with you (and if you forget all of this, just Google “David Larock”).

I look forward to hearing from you.

David Larock
President – Integrated Mortgage Planners Inc. (FSCO #12867)

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