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Happy Family Day Long Weekend

Monday Morning Interest Rate Update for February 18, 2020

by David Larock

I hope that everyone enjoyed the Family Day long weekend. I used the holiday yesterday for its stated purpose, so today’s Monday Morning Interest Rate Update will be short and sweet.

Competition for mortgage business is intensifying as lenders prepare for the spring market. While many consumers focus solely on rates, the terms and conditions in their mortgage contract can also have a surprisingly significant impact on their overall borrowing cost.

For a recent and detailed example of why I say that, check out my recent post, which explains How Savvy Canadians Are Saving Thousands on Their Mortgages.

David Larock is an independent full-time mortgage broker and industry insider who helps Canadians from coast to coast. If you are purchasing, refinancing or renewing your mortgage, contact Dave or apply for a Mortgage Check-up to obtain the best available rates and terms.
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