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Happy Family Day

Monday Morning Interest Rate Update for February 16, 2021

by David Larock

I hope that everyone enjoyed the Family Day long weekend.

I used the holiday yesterday for its stated purpose, so there won’t be a new post this week. I’ll be back next Monday as usual.

In the meantime, here are links to five of my recent posts covering key mortgage-related topics:

  1. What’s in store for fixed and variable mortgage rates in 2021?
  2. Why is the Bank of Canada hinting that it may cut its policy rate again?
  3. What would happen to mortgage rates in a worst-case pandemic scenario?
  4. The obvious flaw in the Bank of Canada’s newfound optimism.
  5. How mortgage rates will be impacted by the race between the virus and the vaccines.

The Bottom Line: The Government of Canada bond yields that our fixed mortgage rates are priced on held steady last week. As such, our fixed mortgage rates were mostly unchanged, with one lender announcing a small cut.

Variable mortgage rates were unchanged last week.

David Larock is an independent full-time mortgage broker and industry insider who helps Canadians from coast to coast. If you are purchasing, refinancing or renewing your mortgage, contact Dave or apply for a Mortgage Check-up to obtain the best available rates and terms.
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