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Integrated Mortgage Planners - GTA - Toronto

My mortgage calculators are designed to help you answer the most important questions surrounding your mortgage planning and we have organized them by transaction type.

For a demonstration of how each calculator works, click on "View Video Demo” after opening and I will talk you through how to use each tool to its fullest.


1. "How much can I qualify for?" - This tool takes your basic financial information and uses it to forecast the maximum mortgage amount you can qualify for.

2. "What is my mortgage payment?" - This calculator lets you play with different mortgage features and combinations.

3. "What are my closing costs?" - This one-of-a-kind calculator will give you a reasonable estimate of what your closing costs are likely to be.

4. Bridge Loan Calculator - This calculator will help borrowers who are both buying and selling figure out how much they can secure in bridge financing, and at what cost.


1. "Where does my money go?" - This basic budgeting tool helps you get a picture of how you earn money and how you spend it. It is a useful step, even for experienced borrowers.

2. "How much can I save by refinancing?" - Use this tool to calculate how much money you will save by refinancing into a mortgage with a lower rate (payout penalty not included).

3. "What is my estimated payout penalty?" - This calculator will help you estimate what your early payout penalty is likely to be.

4. "How much can I save by consolidating my debts into my mortgage?" - Use this tool to calculate how much you can save by combining all of your debts in to one consolidated mortgage loan.


1. "How much can I save by renewing with a different lender?" - Use this tool to calculate how much money you will save by renewing with a different lender at a lower rate.