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May 1, 2017

Is Your Mortgage Lender About To Go Bust?

As last week's debacle at Home Capital Group was unfolding several of my clients who had borrowed from other non Big-Five bank lenders called me to ask if their lender was now in danger of going bust and wondering what, if anything, they should do. In today’s post I’ll provide a summary of the clear message I gave to them, and include my take on five key questions relating to last week’s events.
October 5, 2016

What Canada’s Fifth Round of Mortgage Rule Changes Mean For You – Part One

Yesterday our federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced a series of changes to the rules used to underwrite insured mortgages. There is a lot to unpack so I’ll do it in three installments: Part One will focus on the change that will take place on October 17, Part Two will cover the changes that will take place on November 30, and Part Three will offer my take on the longer-term impacts that these changes will have on Canadian borrowers and our housing markets across Canada.