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  • All Quiet on the Canadian Mortgage-Rate Front (for Now)

    Monday Morning Interest Rate Update for January 21, 2019

    Last week was a relatively quiet one on the interest-rate front. Government of Canada bond yields, which our fixed mortgage rates are priced on, edged a little higher, but five-year fixed rates continued to fall among laggard lenders who had not already lowered to match RBC’s recent cut. Last Friday we received our latest inflation […]

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  • Will the U.S. Fed Sooth Nerves or Stay the Course?

    Monday Morning Interest Rate Update for December 17, 2018

    The U.S. Federal Reserve is widely expected to hike its policy rate by another 0.25% when it meets this Wednesday. The question that is being actively debated is whether it will also adopt more dovish language in its forward guidance (and the answer could impact Canadian mortgage rates).

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  • Canadian Wage Growth Decelerates Again

    Monday Morning Interest Rate Update for November 5, 2018

    The Bank of Canada wants to keep raising its policy rate but says that it will be data dependent. Our latest wage data may test the veracity of that claim in short order.

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  • How Much Higher Will Canadian Mortgage Rates Go?

    Monday Morning Interest Rate Update for October 29, 2018

    Last week the Bank of Canada raised its policy rate by 0.25%, as expected. What really caught the market’s attention was the Bank’s decision to drop the word “gradual” from its accompanying policy statement.

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