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Top Five Recent Posts About Mortgage Rates and Inflation

Monday Morning Interest Rate Update for February 22, 2022

by David Larock

I hope that you enjoyed the Family Day long weekend.

I used the holiday yesterday for its stated purpose, so there won’t be a new post this week. I’ll be back next Monday as usual.

In the meantime, here are links to five key recent posts about Canadian mortgage rates and inflation:

  1. Canadian Mortgage Rate Forecast for 2022
  2. The Bank of Canada Will Be Live at Its Next Meeting
  3. When Will US Inflation Peak?
  4. Why CDN Bond Yields Surged Despite Big Job Losses
  5. The Latest Inflation Data Are Not as Bad as You Might Think

Toronto mortgage ratesThe Bottom Line: The Government of Canada bond yields that our fixed mortgage rates are priced on leveled off last week. Given that, our fixed mortgage rates were mostly unchanged, but their momentum arrow is still pointed upwards.

Variable mortgage rates were unchanged last week.

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