Mortgage Calculators for Refinance Transactions

 These calculators are designed to help you answer the most important questions surrounding your mortgage refinance planning.

How much will my new mortgage payment be?

This tool will calculate your new mortgage payment based on amounts, rates, amortization periods and payment frequencies.

How much can I save by refinancing?

This tool will calculate how much money you will save by refinancing into a mortgage with a lower rate (payout penalty not included).

What is my estimated payout penalty?

This tool will calculate your prepayment penalty if you need to break your current mortgage before the end of its term.

How much can I save by consolidating my debts into my mortgage?

This tool will calculate how much you can save by consolidating all of your debts in to your new mortgage.

Where does my money go?

This basic budgeting tool helps you get a picture of how you earn money and how you spend it. It is a useful exercise, even for experienced mortgagors.