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Integrated Mortgage Planners - GTA - Toronto

When it comes to investing in residential rental properties, choosing the right mortgage (and mortgage agent!) can save you thousands of dollars. As an investor, the mortgage interest paid by you on your rental property is tax-deductable, so a mortgage product that gives you maximum flexibility to take advantage of this benefit is a must. Also, securing a longer-term interest rate may make sense because it is easier to match expenses with revenues when managing cash flow.   

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge, experience and unbiased opinions with borrowers who are looking for a trusted advisor to help them with their investment property financing.

To that end, I offer you the following tools, blog posts and articles to assist you in your research. If you like what you see, hear and read, I welcome you to contact me to discuss how I can help you design a mortgage that is customized to fit your specific profile.

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My Mortgage Calculators for Investment Purchase Transactions

My calculators are designed to help you answer the most important questions surrounding your mortgage planning. For a demonstration of how each calculator works, click on "View Video Demo" after opening and I will talk you through how to use each tool to its fullest.

1. "How much can I qualify for?" - This tool takes your basic financial information and uses it to forecast the maximum mortgage amount you can qualify for.

2. "What would my mortgage look like?" - This calculator lets you play with different mortgage features and combinations.

3. "What are my closing costs?." - This one-of-a-kind calcuator will give you a reasonable estimate of what your closing costs are likely to be.

If you found these tools useful, I also recommend that you try my Financial Calculators.